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Introduce tbs

Introduce tbs

A new Sangam eRa awaits!!

(tbs welcomes a new Sangam era)

tbs dreams ‘a miraculous change’ through a new building in Sangam-dong.

tbs will take a leap for ‘a sustainable public broadcasting’ not to look away the weak.

tbs’ new history in Sangam, join us.

the History of tbs

Broadcasting station permission 1989.07.13

Founding of FM Radio station 1990.06.11

Founding of tbs TV 2005.03.03

Founding of tbs eFM 2008.12.01

Starting eFM Chinese language broadcasting 2013.10.14

the current state of tbs Buildings

1990.6 ~ 1997.4

Doryeom-dong office building

3rd to 5th Floors 1,604㎡

Broadcasting Control room

·1 master control room

·6 secondary control room

Traffic information room

·66 CCTV cameras

·10 automatic information receiving devices

1997.5 ~ 2016.7

Nam-san office building in Yejang-dong

6 upper levels, 2 lower levels 5,287㎡

Multi-studio installed with digital broadcasting system

Modernized and more systematic traffic information

System operater ranged over 5 channels

2016.7.4 ~

Office Building in Sangam-dong (S-PLEX Center)

2nd~7th floors, 12th~14th floors 19,778㎡

Nature-friendly construction : Outdoor landscaping, Sunlight generation, Geothermal System

NPS(Network Production System), Digitalized process of broadcasting production

Radio Open Hall

8 Radio studios, 3 TV studios, 19 private editing rooms

All necessary system in place to convergent of broadcasting and communication