tbs eFM 101.3 News http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsMain.do Seoul Keeps Emergency Measures In Place To Combat Fine Dust http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284064&typ_800=O The Seoul Metropolitan Government has kept emergency measures in place today to tackle high levels of fine dust in the capital. The concentration of fine dust and ultra fine dust particles in Seoul and surrounding areas remain at "bad" levels. Conditions have worsened as smog combined with yellow dust have swept down from China. Under the city's emergency measures, government officials who drive cars with odd-numbered license plates should stay off the roads. Individual drivers are also being encouraged to follow the alternate no driving day system. Public transportation, meanwhile, will be offered free of charge this morning until 9 a.m. and during the evening commute hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.■ Luke Cleary 201801180711+0900 Two Koreas Agree To Jointly March At Ceremony, Field Joint Women's Hockey Team http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284055&typ_800=U North Korea has offered to send a 230-member cheering squad to next month's PyeongChang Winter Olympics, as well as a delegation to the Paralympics in March. During a working-level talks today, the North also proposed its Olympic delegation travel to South Korea via a land route, raising hopes for the reopening of inter-Korean road links for the first time in two years. According to Seoul's unification ministry, the two Koreas agreed to field a joint women's hockey team and to conduct a joint march during the opening ceremony. They also discussed the possibility of holding a joint cultural event at Mount Kumgang before the games and using the North's Masikryong Ski Resort for athlete training. The results of the meeting will be discussed by both Koreas together with the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland on Saturday.■ Julie Sohn 201801172220+0900 Ex-Pres. Lee Denounces Graft Probe As 'Revenge' http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284056&typ_800=P Former President Lee Myung-bak has denounced the prosecution's investigation of his former aides as political retaliation. In a rare statement, Lee said the ongoing probe is aimed at destroying conservatives and a political revenge for the death of late former President Roh Moo-hyun who committed suicide in 2009 amid a corruption probe into his family and aides. Lee called on the prosecution to take him responsible rather than his former aides. The statement came after two of his closest aides, Kim Paik-joon and Kim Jin-mo were arrested on charges of receiving money from the National Intelligence Service.■ Julie Sohn 201801172217+0900 Weather Update 2200 http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284053&typ_800=Z Taking a look at the weather, most of the nation is under hazy skies at this hour. Expect fine dust levels to remain high throughout the week. Temperatures, meanwhile, will hover in positive territory with highs ranging from 1 to 5 degrees in the capital. As for the current reading in central Seoul, it is _____ degrees Celsius or _____ degrees Fahrenheit.■ Julie Sohn 201801172205+0900 US Navy Commanders Face Charges Over Deadly Collisions http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2283977&typ_800=M The commanders of two U.S. Navy ships involved in separate collisions last year are facing multiple charges, including negligent homicide and dereliction of duty. The USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker in August 2017, killing 10 sailors, while the USS Fitzgerald smashed into a cargo ship in June, leaving seven dead. The deadly collisions highlighted leadership failures and the stresses of frequent deployments across the Pacific region. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson said in a report that both of the accidents were preventable.■ Ron Chang 201801172140+0900 Art Beat: Indie Band SsingSsing To Perform Live In Hongdae http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284031&typ_800=I [Anchor] And now for a look at what's going on in the world of arts and culture, Jeong-eun Lee has this week's Art Beat. [Reporter] SsingSsing, one of the most talked-about bands to emerge from the local indie music scene, is holding a New Year's concert at Muv Hall in Hongdae on February 4th. The six-member group plays a unique mix of rock music mashed with traditional Korean folk and vocals. [Music clip] They started gaining attention overseas last year when they appeared on NPR's "Tiny Desk Concert." Amid an endless supply of mainstream pop, hip-hop and of course K-pop, SsingSsing's experimental sound came as a breath of fresh air to listeners around the globe. And they often take the stage dressed in extravagant, gender-bending costumes and wigs, creating modern-day renditions of Korean traditional male shamans called baksu, who channel both male and female spirits. If you want to see them live, hurry as tickets are running out fast. And if their music piques your interest in Korean traditional music, check out performances at the National Gugak Center in southern Seoul. On February 7th and 8th, it will showcase traditional music and dance registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, such as pansori, Arirang, and Ganggangsullae. Jeong-eun Lee, eFM News.■ Jeongeun Lee 201801171804+0900 (BBC Opening) Foreign Ministers On N. Korea In Vancouver http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284030&typ_800=Z A group of 20 nations has vowed tougher measures to curtail North Korea's ability to evade existing sanctions over its nuclear program. Foreign ministers meeting in the Canadian city of Vancouver also agreed to consider imposing new punitive measures on Pyongyang. The BBC's Barbara Plett-Usher reports.■ Ron Chang 201801171803+0900 Korean Stocks End Lower As Investors Dump Major Tech Stocks http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284029&typ_800=J Korean stocks ended lower today as institutional investors dumped major tech stocks to lock in recent gains. The benchmark KOSPI shed 0.3 percent to close at 2,515. Elsewhere in Asia, Hong Kong eased 0.2 percent from its highest ever close, Tokyo shed 0.4 percent while Shanghai added 0.2 percent The local currency closed at 1,169 won against the greenback, up 6.6 won from the previous session's close.■ Ron Chang 201801171803+0900 N. Korea Offers To Send Cheering Squad, Take Land Route To PyeongChang http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284028&typ_800=U [Anchor] North Korea has agreed to send a 230-member cheering squad to next month's PyeongChang Winter Olympics. At working-level talks today, the two sides also discussed other logistical issues, including the size of the North's delegation, its travel route, as well as a possible joint march at the opening ceremony. Jeong-eun Lee reports. [Reporter] North Korea proposed to send its delegation of athletes, cheering squad, taekwondo demonstrators, and journalists via a land route along the western coast. It's what South Korea has been hoping for - that North Koreans would cross over the Military Demarcation Line as a gesture of peace. Seoul's Unification Ministry said the two Koreas also discussed fielding a joint women's ice hockey team and marching together during the opening ceremony. President Moon Jae-in said such symbolic moves, on top of the North's participation in the Games, would significantly contribute to improving inter-Korean ties. But, disputes are simmering outside the meeting room, especially about the idea to merge the women's ice hockey teams. Sarah Murray, the head coach for the South Korean team, told reporters yesterday that it is "a little bit dangerous" for anyone to be added to the roster right before the Olympics. Some critics and fans also took to Cheong Wa Dae's online petition site, urging the president to cancel the plan, saying it could take away chances for some qualifying South Korean players to compete. Jeong-eun Lee, eFM News.■ Jeongeun Lee 201801171803+0900 Seoul Again Enacts Special Measures To Reduce Fine Dust http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284027&typ_800=O [Anchor] Seoul city has enacted measures to address high levels of fine dust for a third day as unhealthy readings continue in the capital. They will be implemented tomorrow - fine dust levels are expected to get even worse. Soa Kwon has our top story. [Reporter] Into the evening hours, Seoul, Gyeonggi and the Chungcheong Provinces are expected to experience poor air quality. As of 5 p.m., fine dust readings in Seoul and Incheon stood at over 110 micrograms per cubic meter, Gyeonggi at nearly 110. Ultrafine dust levels are also bad at around 90 in all of the three regions. Ultra fine dust advisories are in effect for the second day in a row, in parts of Gyeonggi even for the third straight day. Conditions are expected to worsen tomorrow, as smog will move in, that along with yellow dust is expected to spread to even more parts of the nation. For the third time this week, special measures will be implemented in Seoul and surrounding areas. Among all public vehicles, only those with even-numbered license plates will be allowed to hit the road tomorrow. The city will provide free bus and subway rides during the morning and evening commute. People are being advised to have enough protective masks ready, as unhealthy air may linger for a while. Soa Kwon, eFM News.■ Soa Kwon 201801171801+0900 Korea's Kimchi Trade Deficit Hit Record In 2017 http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284024&typ_800=J The country's trade deficit in Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine, widened further to hit an all-time high of 47 million U.S. dollars last year. That's up 11 percent from 2016, according to the Korea Customs Service. While the country exported around 24,300 tons of the fermented dish last year, it imported some 275,600 tons, of which 99 percent came from China. Exports to the U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, rose, but shipments to Japan, the world's second biggest importer of the food, fell due to weak demand.■ Soa Kwon 201801171745+0900 K League To Kick Off Season March 1st http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284012&typ_800=Q The K League says it will open its 2018 pro football season on March 1st. Defending champions Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and the reigning Korea Football Association Cup winner Ulsan Hyundai will officially open the season at Jeonju World Cup Stadium. Other matches to kick off the new season will include Jeju United vs. FC Seoul and the Suwon Samsung Bluewings vs. the Jeonnam Dragons.■ Luke Cleary 201801171643+0900 Number Of House Husbands Hits Record High In 2017 http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284013&typ_800=P Statistics Korea says the number of house husbands hit a record high in South Korea last year, as more women enter the workforce and amid changing gender norms in the country. The figure stood at 190,000 last year, the highest since the statistics organization starting collecting such data. The number of full-time housewives, meanwhile, fell gradually over recent years to under 7 million last year. The employment rate for women in their 30s was tallied at 59.2 percent during the first half of 2017, the highest since such data started to be compiled in 1999.■ Luke Cleary 201801171642+0900 20 Foreign Ministers Adopt Statement In Support Of Inter-Korean Talks http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2284011&typ_800=U Foreign ministers of 20 countries, including South Korea, the United States and Japan, have adopted a statement expressing their support for ongoing inter-Korean talks. The statement issued after a meeting of top diplomats in Vancouver Tuesday underlines the importance of diplomatic efforts to resolve North Korea's nuclear issue. The ministers, at the same time, agreed to push for tougher sanctions and pressure to compel the North to give up its nuclear ambitions.■ Julie Sohn 201801171642+0900 Govt Tries To Ease Concerns Towards Joint Women's Hockey Team For Winter Games http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2283989&typ_800=U The government says it will ensure that any proposal for a joint women's hockey team with North Korea at next month's PyeongChang Winter Olympics will not have a negative impact on South Korean players. Unification Ministry spokesman Baik Tae-hyun said the government is aware of public concerns that adding North Korean players could displace South Koreans who have made the team. Seoul wants the IOC to allow the hockey team's roster to be expanded to make room for North Korean players. If realized, it would be the first unified Korean team in an Olympics.■ Ron Chang 201801171640+0900